strategist-smit reduces adipose deposits, assists local microcirculation and stimulates lypolitic action due to an alternating hot-cold effect


Adipoless™, black pepper extract, carnitine, caffeine, escin, fucus

how it works

“black pepper extract, also used in pharmaceutical products, has the extraordinary capacity to increase the absorption of the active ingredients throughout the epidermis, making them more active. Caffeine and carnitine work in synergy preventing the fats from depositing in the adipocytes and stimulating the absorption of fats at the mitochondria for a visible reducing action. fucus, thanks to its high iodine content, accellerates the metabolism, resulting in a noticeable reducing and tonifying action. adipoless™ is an innovative derivative from Quinoa, a plant originating in South America, which prevents the formation of new adipose accumulations, by inhibiting the maturation of the adipocytes

how to use

apply the product to the necessary areas with a light massage. The hot-cold effect can differ from person to person, according to psycho-physical conditions and to the amount of product used. The effects are enhanced if the product is applied after specific preparatory products, a hot shower and after an energetic massage. wash your hands after the application

150 ml 5,07 fl.oz.