skin-regimen-booster-lgcosmeceutical innovative serum with an intensive and moisturising action to protect against the main factors that cause and accelerate aging.


longevity complex™, hyaluronic acid 0.25% (sodium hyaluronate)

how it works

LONGEVITY COMPLEX™ is an exclusive blend created by [ comfort zone ] with maqui, spinach, chia and carnosine, to eliminate the negative actions of the skin 4 killers: oxidation, glycation, methylation and inflammation. HYALURONIC ACID, due to its hygroscopic properties, binds water favouring a correct skin hydration and promoting an effective cosmetic filling action.


young skin with the first signs of aging. hot or humid climates.

how to use

apply 5-6 drops morning and evening to face and neck, and massage in until completely absorbed.

30 ml e 1,01 fl. oz.