Welcome to SKINGEVITY®

Skingevity® Face and Body Spa is a full service apothecary spa that provides comfortable and result driven non-invasive treatments and procedures for both face and body.

We specialize in cutting edge treatments, using the latest in technology proven equipment and products.

Our educated, professional and experienced face and body technicians are dedicated and committed to working with you to achieve any skin care and body care goal you have.
We take the worry out of longevity and give you “Skingevity®.”

Meet our Medical Director,
Merlin Brown, MD

Dr. Brown is a board certified Internal Medicine physician who has practiced in the Twin Cities for over 20 years. He is now the medical director for medspas adding primary care expertise to the industry. His goal is to provide medical oversight with detailed consents and protocols resulting in a close to zero complication rate with a high level of treatment results. Periodic training updates are offered to maintain a high level of service and safety by the providers as well as easy access on a daily basis for questions and advice.